Immune therapies finally working against cancer
The Associated Press
The prostate cancer vaccine, Provenge, is farthest along. Its maker, Seattle-based Dendreon Corp., is seeking federal Food and Drug Administration approval

Gene Test Helps Detect Prostate Cancer
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
SUNDAY, May 31 (HealthDay News) -- A new blood test greatly reduces false-positive results in prostate cancer screenings and, when used in combination with

Diet and Prostate Cancer Risk
Men's News Daily - Guerneville,CA,USA
In 2009, an estimated 192000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed, and approximately 27000 men will die of this disease in the same year

OncoGenex Drug Helps Prostate Cancer Patients Live Longer in Small ...
Xconomy - Cambridge,MA,USA
The Bothell, WA-based biotech company (NASDAQ: OGXI) is reporting that its experimental prostate cancer drug was able to help men live longer in a small

Risedronate Recovers Bone Loss in Patients With Prostate Cancer ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
... to determine the effectiveness of risedronate against bone loss in patients with prostate cancer (PCa) receiving androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT).

Intriguing Study Results on Improving Prostate Cancer Screening
The Ledger - Lakeland,FL,USA
He and his colleagues will report that a six-gene molecular diagnostic test, combined with a PSA test, accurately detected prostate cancer more than 90

Postoperative PSA and PSA Velocity Identify Presence of Prostate ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To determine whether prostate-specific antigen (PSA) values can distinguish those with prostate cancer (CaP) from those with histologic benign prostatic

New Blood Test Greatly Reduces False-positives In Prostate Cancer ...
Science Daily (press release) - USA
This high rate of "false positive" PSA test results underscores the need for a more accurate method for detecting prostate cancer, said Oh,

Pomegranate Juice May Help Prostate Cancer Patients
Renal and Urology News - New York,NY,USA
Pomegranate juice may help slow progression of prostate cancer in men who experience rising PSA levels following radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy, ...

Poniard reports positive cancer study data
Forbes - NY,USA
AP , 05.28.09, 10:49 AM EDT Poniard Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Thursday its colon and prostate cancer drug candidate met key treatment and safety goals

Cutting carbs appears to slow growth of prostate tumors
USA Today - USA
His recommendation mirrors recently released Prostate Cancer Foundation guidelines he helped create. Whether carbs need to be scaled back to Atkins diet ...

Poniard says cancer drug shows favorable results
Reuters - USA
The other mid-stage study described on Thursday involved 32 patients with metastatic prostate cancer who had not received prior chemotherapy.

Why Some Prostate Cancer Returns
Science Daily (press release) - USA
ScienceDaily (May 27, 2009) — The majority of men who receive one of the standard treatments for localized prostate cancer - surgery or radiation therapy

Moving from pessimism to optimism in one generation
Gazette Online - Solon,IA,USA
Those were pretty common results for cancer back then. About half of all colon cancer patients and one-third of prostate cancer patients died within five ...

Prostate cancer yet another worry for women - USA
But new research out of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York has found that some women are worrying about something rather unexpected: prostate cancer.

Falling US cancer rate saves 650000 lives: report
Reuters - USA
Breast cancer will be diagnosed in 194280 women and men and will kill 40610 -- including 44 men, the group projects. Prostate cancer will be diagnosed in

Predicting Higher Risk For Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Science Daily (press release) - USA
ScienceDaily (May 26, 2009) — High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN) carries a high predictive value for future diagnosis of prostate cancer

Toxicity and Efficacy of Intermittent Docetaxel Chemotherapy for ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Until today, docetaxel is the only EMEA and FDA approved active agent in hormone refractory prostate cancer (HRPC). In the absence of other effective and

Update on Cryotherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer - Abstract
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Stage migration has led to an increased incidence of localized and low-risk prostate cancer. Intermediate-term data are emerging on the efficacy of

Biotech touts results of cancer drug study
The Star-Ledger - - Newark,NJ,USA
"This drug has changed the way the science community looks at prostate cancer," lead investigator Johann de Bono said in a statement.

More evidence carbs fuel cancer - USA
While previous studies showed that carbohydrate restriction could slow prostate cancer in an animal study, they were not sure if it was the weight loss

10 commandments of cancer prevention
News & Observer - Raleigh,NC,USA
All men older than 50 should have regular screening for colon cancer, and they should make an informed decision about testing for prostate cancer

Running to Reclaim Your Body from Cancer
New York Times Blogs - New York,NY,USA
By Dana Jennings My goal last fall was to fully recover from surgery for prostate cancer and to slog through radiation and hormone therapy

Development and Validation of a Dynamic Prognostic Tool for ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a biomarker routinely and repeatedly measured on prostate cancer patients treated by radiation therapy (RT).

A 64-Year-Old Man With Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA
Earlier detection of prostate cancer in the past decade has been accompanied by greater reduction in US prostate cancer mortality than that seen with any

Predicting higher risk for prostate cancer diagnosis
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN) carries a high predictive value for future diagnosis of prostate cancer. Research published in the

Nutrition Notes: Cancer Survivors May Battle Bone Loss
Kansas City infoZine - Kansas City,MO,USA
Washington, DC - infoZine - American Institute for Cancer Research - Though many are unaware of their risk, survivors of breast cancer, prostate cancer

Specific Detection of Prostate Cancer Cells in Urine by Multiplex ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate cancer biomarkers are enriched in urine after prostatic manipulation, suggesting that whole cells might also be detectable for diagnosis

Clinical Outcome of Patients with Docetaxel-Resistant Hormone ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
For patients with docetaxel-resistant hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC) no standard chemotherapeutic treatment exists. In this study, we evaluate

The Role of Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Localized ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Primary androgen deprivation therapy (PADT) is frequently used as a sole modality of treatment in men with localized prostate cancer, despite a lack of

HIFU Treats Recurrent Prostate Cancer - Hickory,NC,USA
UCLA urologists have opened enrollment for the West Coast site of a national study using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer,

Herb therapy may cut prostate cancer risk
United Press International - USA
NEW YORK, May 25 (UPI) -- A trial of men at high-risk for prostate cancer found the herbal extract Zyflamend, which may reduce cancer risk, ...

Optimal Biopsy Strategies for the Diagnosis and Staging of ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The 10-14 core-extended biopsy scheme is optimal for first-time prostate biopsy. In patients with clinical suspicion of prostate cancer but prior negative

Doctors debate prostate cancer study
Capital News 9 - Albany,NY,USA
Early screening has been called key lowering prostate cancer deaths, but two large studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that ...

A Phase I/II Clinical Trial in Localized Prostate Cancer of an ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
We report a phase I/II clinical trial in prostate cancer (PCa) using direct intraprostatic injection of a replication defective adenovirus vector (CTL102)

Complexed Prostate Specific Antigen: Better Test in the Diagnosis ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Therefore, results of this study indicate higher discriminatory power of cPSA in diagnosis of prostate cancer for clinically relevant 2.5-4 ng/ml tPSA

Prostate Cancer-Associated Gene Expression Alterations Determined ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Gene expression changes associated with ischemia and surgical removal of the prostate gland were absent. Genes up-regulated in prostate cancer were

Analysis of Recently Identified Prostate Cancer Susceptibility ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Two recent genome-wide association studies have highlighted several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) purported to be associated with prostate cancer

Zinc and Selenium are the Minerals that Fight Breast Cancer
Natural - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Zinc is important in prostate gland function and may help prevent and treat prostate cancer. It has another important role in the lives of women too

Prostate cancer: Knowing your options
eFitnessNow - Venice,California,USA
The cause is unknown for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in men, and in men over 40 years old.

Ultrasound prostate cancer device touted
United Press International - USA
AUSTIN, Texas, May 24 (UPI) -- A new ultrasound treatment for prostate cancer is showing promise of stopping the disease without causing impotence or ...

Metabolites - A New Piece in the Cancer Development Puzzle - Dallas,TX,USA
The study was focused on men with a high level of PSA (prostate specific antigen), which present a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Predicting prostate cancer recurrence
United Press International - USA
PSA levels are considered markers of tumor recurrence in prostate cancer. Dr. Aruna Turaka of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and colleagues ...

It does pay to eat your vegetables: ingesting high levels of PEITC ... - USA
The majority of the scientific literature supports a robust effect of this compound in fighting prostate cancer. Intriguingly, unlike chemotherapy which

Younger Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Shorter Lifespan - Hickory,NC,USA
Researchers have turned a focus on why younger men with advanced prostate cancer have shorter life spans than older men who develop the disease.

Vitamin D doesn't protect against cancer - New Delhi,India
Despite the widespread notion that vitamin D insufficiency is an important risk factor for prostate cancer, this theory has not been substantiated by

Young More Likely to Die from High Grade Prostate Cancer
MedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USA
By Kristina Fiore, Staff Writer, MedPage Today LITTLE FALLS, NJ, May 22 -- Younger men with high grade and stage prostate cancer were three times as likely ...

Nutrition Notes: Cancer Survivors May Battle Bone Loss
Kansas City infoZine - Kansas City,MO,USA
Washington, DC - infoZine - American Institute for Cancer Research - Though many are unaware of their risk, survivors of breast cancer, prostate cancer

Specific Detection of Prostate Cancer Cells in Urine by Multiplex ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate cancer biomarkers are enriched in urine after prostatic manipulation, suggesting that whole cells might also be detectable for diagnosis. ...

Clinical Outcome of Patients with Docetaxel-Resistant Hormone ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
For patients with docetaxel-resistant hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC) no standard chemotherapeutic treatment exists. In this study, we evaluate

The Role of Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Localized ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Primary androgen deprivation therapy (PADT) is frequently used as a sole modality of treatment in men with localized prostate cancer, despite a lack of ...

J&J Just Made Medivation's Day - USA
Medivation owns 100% rights to its prostate cancer drug MDV3100 but is seeking a partner. Thursday, J&J just set a mighty high sales comp for phase III

Prevent Prostate Cancer - Lake Mary,FL,USA
The study surveyed 1000 men who developed prostate cancer and 1250 who did not, and all were between the ages of 20 and 50, according to a report on Monday

Radiotherapy after prostatectomy increased PFS in pT3 prostate cancer
HemOncToday - Thorofare,NJ,USA
The study included 268 patients with pT3 prostate cancer who had undetectable PSA after radical prostatectomy. Patients were randomly assigned to immediate

Does Neoadjuvant Hormone Therapy Improve Outcome in Prostate
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To assess outcome and predictive factors in men with prostate cancer who receive post radical prostatectomy (RP) radiotherapy (RT) either in the adjuvant or

Does Neoadjuvant Hormone Therapy Improve Outcome in Prostate
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To assess outcome and predictive factors in men with prostate cancer who receive post radical prostatectomy (RP) radiotherapy (RT) either in the adjuvant or ...

Copy Number Analysis Indicates Monoclonal Origin of Lethal ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Whether or not multiclonal primary prostate cancers typically give rise to multiclonal or monoclonal prostate cancer metastases is largely unknown,

Chemical test offers quick prostate cancer check
Calgary Herald - AB, Canada
LONDON (Reuters) - Instead of using a blood test to determine whether a man has prostate cancer, doctors might one day more accurately diagnose the ...

Novel Herbal Therapy For Men At High Risk Of Prostate Cancer Well ...
Science Daily (press release) - USA
"Since we know that men with HGPIN have an increased risk for developing prostate cancer, new strategies formulated to decrease cancer risk

Editorial - Polymorphism in Endostatin, an Angiogenesis Inhibitor ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate cancer expresses angiogenic factors. A missense mutation in the coding region for endostatin has been described, but the polymorphism affects

Retrospective Analysis of the Distance Between the Neurovascular ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To analyse the distance between the ipsilateral neurovascular bundles (NVBs) and foci of prostate cancer (NT distance) in specimens removed by radical

Emerging Therapies in Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer - Abstract
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate cancer continues to represent a major health problem. It represents the most common cancer in US men, with an estimated 186 320 new cases diagnosed

Low Literacy Could Hinder Prostate Cancer Care
Renal and Urology News - New York,NY,USA
Clinicians should speak colloquially when discussing prostate cancer with low-income men because most of them do not understand basic medical terms,

Minimally Invasive Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Savannah Tribune - savannah,ga,USA
HIFU is a state-of-theart technology that uses the power of ultrasound to destroy deep-seated tissue with pinpoint accuracy for treatment of prostate cancer

Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA
Prostate cancer interventions are "shifting from primary prevention to the treatment of the process of carcinogenesis." The book reached press too early to

Management of Localized Prostate Cancer in Men Over 65 Years ..
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
With the pervasive use of prostate-specific antigen-based screening, many men in the US are now diagnosed with prostate cancer in their 50s or earlier.

Adjuvant Radiation Therapy Improves Outcome Among Men with pT3 ...
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
Among men treated with radical prostatectomy and found to have pT3 prostate cancer (cancer that extends beyond the prostate capsule), adjuvant treatment .

Research reveals molecular pathway behind invasive prostate cancers - Evergreen,VA,USA
PTEN is a well-defined gene shown to be suppressed in prostate cancer tumors, as well as in other types of cancer. Its mutation has been shown to result in

Quick Test For Prostate Cancer
Science Daily (press release) - USA
ScienceDaily (May 18, 2009) — A new 3-minute test could help in diagnosing prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men in the UK, according to scientists

The 10 commandments of cancer prevention
Chicago Tribune - United States
And don't forget to eat fish two to three times a week; you'll get protection from heart disease, and you may reduce your risk of prostate cancer. 4

An Aid to Tailoring Prostate Cancer Treatment
Forbes - NY,USA
FRIDAY, May 15 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers claim to have found a way to better customize the treatment of prostate cancer. Four risk factors that can

Low Oxygen Levels In Prostate Tumors Can Predict Recurrence
Science Daily (press release) - USA
Eight of the 57 patients experienced an increase in PSA levels following prostate cancer treatment, defined as an increase of 2 ng/mL above the lowest PSA

2001-2005 cancer death rates (average annual):
Marietta Times - Marietta,OH,USA
Lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer are the "big four" in the Appalachian region of the United States, according to Cawley. "We are actually 7 percent

Will genetic test results drive lifestyle decisions?
San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego,CA,USA
So why does Forehand have an elevated risk of prostate cancer, heart disease and obesity? It's all in his genes. His fondness for waffle fries and ice cream

Long-Term Follow-Up after Triple Treatment of Prostate Cancer ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Radical prostatectomy (RP) has become the most common treatment for localized prostate cancer in Sweden. Outcome is extremely good for pT2 stage with ...

Genetic Marker May Predict Early Onset Of Prostate Cancer
Science Daily (press release) - USA
If the data are confirmed, the marker may help clinicians personalize prostate cancer screening. "Genetic testing for prostate cancer is not yet clinically

Effect of Screening on the Rate of Death From Prostate Cancer
Medscape - USA
Is there a mortality benefit with regard to prostate cancer from regular prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and digital rectal examination (DRE)?

Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Slow Decline in Long-Term Cancer Survivors
Medscape - USA
May 13, 2009 — Older long-term survivors of colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer might be able to stave off functional decline by changing dietary and

Scientists Find New Way to Identify Deadly Forms of Prostate Cancer
RedOrbit - Dallas,TX,USA
Researchers have discovered a new method to help doctors identify the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer. A struggle for medical professionals

Survival predictors may help customize treatment options for men ...
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
Four risk factors that help predict how long men may survive with metastatic prostate cancer could help doctors choose more effective treatments

Bristol-Myers: Sprycel holds promise for prostate cancer
Reuters - USA
The company has already launched a pivotal-stage trial of the drug, in combination with chemotherapy, as a treatment for prostate cancer patients who have ...

SPRYCEL® (Dasatinib) Shows Potential as Treatment for Prostate Cancer
WELT ONLINE - Berlin,Germany
The Phase II studies (CA180-085 and CA180-086) to be presented at ASCO focus on SPRYCEL's potential as a treatment for castrate-resistant prostate cancer

Men With 4+3 Score At Greater Prostate Cancer Risk - Hickory,NC,USA
The Gleason scoring system is an important method of classifying prostate cancers based on the appearance of the prostate cancer cells under a microscope

Oral Medication Can Reduce Cancer Risk
KUTV - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
Every year, millions of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. In the past, doctors had no clue on how to prevent this often fatal disease
Living in the Big City Could Mean More Likely to Get Cancer
Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA
They found the geographic difference to be true for several forms of cancer - breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer.

Antioxidant Supplementation and Cancer Prevention
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA
Several studies using animal models of prostate cancer have examined the preventive efficacy of the agents tested in the SELECT trial (selenomethionine,

VIDEO from Medialink and the Society of Interventional Radiology ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Treating only the tumor instead of the whole prostate gland is a major and profound departure from the current thinking about prostate cancer

Statins May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have reported that use of statins may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. The details of this study were

City dwellers get more late-stage cancer diagnoses
SmartBrief - Washington,DC,USA
... likely than their rural or suburban counterparts to get a diagnosis of breast, colorectal, lung or prostate cancer later in the disease's progression

Letter from the American Cancer Society | Cancer | Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest - Pleasantville,NY,USA
Such is the case with prostate cancer screening, where we say routine screening is not warranted, and clearly advocate that men have a discussion with their

Patient Selection for Focal Therapy of Localized Prostate Cancer ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Because a critical requirement of focal therapy is appropriate patient selection, we review the pathologic characteristics of localized prostate cancer and ...

Prostate Cancer and Vitamin A
Cancer Monthly - Raleigh,NC,USA
Men with high levels of vitamin A (retinol) in their blood have a lower risk for aggressive prostate cancer, but simply eating more vitamin A-rich foods may

Molecular Markers in Prostate Cancer
Medscape - USA
May 8, 2009 — Molecular markers are not routinely used to evaluate patients with prostate cancer because their relevance to important health-related

Surgery improves survival for prostate cancer patients younger than 50
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
For men younger than 50 with prostate cancer, undergoing a radical prostatectomy can greatly increase their chances for long-term survival, according to a

Where You Live May Affect Your Cancer Diagnosis
Forbes - NY,USA
A study of residents of Illinois finds that city dwellers are more likely to have doctors spot breast, colorectal, lung or prostate cancer later in the

False Positives Common on Cancer Tests, Scientists Find
Bloomberg - USA
For men, screenings included blood tests for a chemical marker of prostate cancer, a rectal examination, chest x-rays, and an examination of the colon

Folic acid might be losing its sheen
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
The overall number of cases was small --there were 34 cases of prostate cancer in more than 600 men -- but the difference was large enough to cause concern

Surgery Improves Survival For Prostate Cancer Patients Younger Than 50
Science Daily (press release) - USA
ScienceDaily (May 11, 2009) — For men younger than 50 with prostate cancer, undergoing a radical prostatectomy can greatly increase their chances for

Vit. A Reduces Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Natural Products Marketplace - Phoenix,Arizona,USA
SEATTLE—High levels of vitamin A (retinol) reduces the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, however eating a diet high in vitamin A may not be enough to

Ferumoxtran-10 and MRI Help Detect Metastasis of Prostate Cancer ... - Marietta,GA,USA
By David Douglas NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In patients with prostate cancer, MRI with the experimental imaging agent ferumoxtran-10 (known as Combidex in

Development of a Second-Generation Antiandrogen for Treatment of
Science Magazine (subscription) - USA
RD162 and MDV3100 are orally available and induce tumor regression in mouse models of castration-resistant human prostate cancer.

Can Prostate Cancer Be Transmitted?
Wall Street Journal - USA
By MELINDA BECK Q: I have a question about your prostate-cancer series (March 31, April 7 and April 18). My husband and I have been married for 50 years

New Diet and Exercise Guidelines for Prostate Health Published by ..
MarketWatch (press release) - USA
The guide, Nutrition, Exercise and Prostate Cancer, is available in electronic form on the foundation's website, Individuals can also order a

Experimental Vaccine Offers Hope to Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer
ACS News Center - Atlanta,GA,USA
Over 500 men with advanced prostate cancer that was no longer responding to hormone therapy were enrolled in the study. Two thirds of the men received 3

PSA Progression Predicts Mortality From Metastatic Prostate Cancer - Marietta,GA,USA
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) progression predicts worse overall survival in men with metastatic prostate cancer, according to

External Beam Radiotherapy for Clinically Localized Hormone ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Eighty-four patients with localized hormone-refractory prostate cancer treated with external beam radiotherapy were retrospectively reviewed

Provenge helps in fighting prostate cancer
United Press International - USA
SEATTLE, May 5 (UPI) -- US scientists have determined sipuleucel-T, a prostate cancer immunotherapy drug, significantly prolongs survival in men with

Cancer in Winter, Optimism in Spring
New York Times - United States
New York Times writer Dana Jennings is a regular contributor to Well, focusing on his experiences with an advanced form of prostate cancer

Options for people facing prostate cancer
Amador Ledger-Dispatch - Jackson,CA,USA
There is hope and help out there for people who have prostate cancer and I would like to inform you of some of these options.

Cancer Genomics: Building Haystacks, Finding Needles
National Cancer Institute - NCI Cancer Bulletin - Bethesda,MD,USA
One surprise was the recent discovery of fused genes in prostate cancer. Gene fusions, which arise when DNA sequences from two genes merge inappropriately

Vitamin E, selenium and soy won't prevent prostate cancer
Tehran Times - Iran
Despite earlier promise, three nutrients - vitamin E, selenium and soy - do not seem to prevent prostate cancer in men with precancerous prostate lesions,

Biomarkers May Predict Aggressiveness of Prostate Cancer
Forbes - NY,USA
TUESDAY, May 5 (HealthDay News) --Three molecules associated with prostate cancer might provide the long-sought markers that could discern which tumors

Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis: Beyond ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To review the most recent advances in genetic testing for prostate cancer risk and of new molecular diagnostic assays to improve diagnostic accuracy and

Statins alter prostate cancer PSA levels
United Press International - USA
"We found that PSA levels are actually significantly lower in prostate cancer patients on statins versus prostate cancer patients not on statins," said Dr. ...

Boxer Blues with Brett Wilson: Prostate Cancer Charity Networking
PRLog.Org (press release) - TX,USA
Energy TV is proud to feature Canadian Petroleum icon and guest speaker W. Brett Wilson, who will share his journey to become a prostate cancer survivor

UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
United Press International - USA
"The ability to boost survival for patients is the gold standard endpoint in prostate cancer clinical trials," said AUA spokesman Dr. Ira Sharlip, MD.

Understanding diabetes, hypertension in blacks
Daily 49er - Long Beach,CA,USA
Lung cancer is the most common cancer death. In the 2008 study, Heslin found that lung cancer accounted for 70 deaths per 100000 men. Prostate cancer

Doctors urge baseline test for prostate cancer
Foster's Daily Democrat - Dover,NH,USA
AP Medical Writer An influential doctors group is backing off its call for annual tests after age 50 to screen for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer screening is still wisest course
Sun newspapers - Port Charlotte,FL,USA
OUR POSITION: Recent studies have added to confusion about prostate cancer screening. Bottom line: Consult your doctor. Two recent prostate cancer screening

The Use of F-18 Choline PET in the Assessment of Bone Metastases
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
In this study, we have evaluated the potential role of FCH-PET/CT for the assessment of bone metastases in patients with prostate cancer

Popular hair growth drug helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer
WCBD - Charleston,SC,USA
A popular hair-growing drug may become a routine daily pill men can take to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Thomas Mitchell takes a daily dose of

 Pomegranate Juice Fights Prostate Cancer when Medical Therapy Fails
Natural - Phoenix,AZ,USA
(NaturalNews) There's new hope for men with prostate cancer when their disease doesn't respond adequately to standard medical care. According to the results

Molecular Markers May Help Physicians Predict Severity of Prostate ...
Insciences Organisation - Basel,Switzerland
In a research advance that could eventually change the way men are treated for prostate cancer, scientists at Yale University and Veterans Affairs

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Completes Patient Enrollment in its ...
Trading Markets (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA
"Completion of patient enrollment in this Phase II study in advanced breast cancer patients represents a milestone for Peregrine's bavituximab cancer

Prostate Cancer Risk Lower in Diabetic Men
Renal and Urology News - New York,NY,USA
Men with diabetes are at lower risk for prostate cancer compared with nondiabetic men, researchers reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology

Gen-Probe to initiate clinical study of prostate cancer test
Pharmaceutical Business Review - USA
According to Gen-Probe, recent study data suggest that the company's investigational test for the highly specific prostate cancer gene PCA3 may help address

Company Uses Nanobots To Fight Cancer…But Its Not At All What You ...
Singularity Hub - Palo Alto,CA,USA
For diseases like metastasized prostate cancer where the disease has spread to perhaps millions of locations throughout the body, treatments are more or

Beyond Provenge -- The Next Hot Cancer Drug?
Motley Fool - USA
Now that Dendreon (Nasdaq: DNDN) has delivered favorable results for its experimental prostate cancer treatment, Provenge, and as much as seven-bagger

Fish May Cut Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Renal and Urology News - New York,NY,USA
High intake of long-chain omega-3 (LC n-3) fatty acids may lower the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, data suggest. John S. Witte, PhD, professor of

Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Hormone Refractory ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Improvements in quality of life (qol) and disease-related symptoms are key goals in the treatment of hormone refractory prostate cancer (HRPC).

ADT Increases Risk in Prostate Cancer Patients
Medscape - USA
April 30, 2009 — Androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) is a common treatment for men with prostate cancer, but patients who do undergo this therapy are at an

Prostate Cancer Vaccine Prolongs Survival
Renal and Urology News - New York,NY,USA
CHICAGO—Sipuleucel-T (Provenge), an experimental immunotherapeutic vaccine, prolonged survival in men with metastatic, androgen-independent
 prostate cancer

Statins Could Contribute to Decreased Risk of Aggressive Prostate ..
DG News - USA
The association between statins and prostate cancer risk is controversial. Some studies have suggested that statin use may reduce the risk of aggressive

Avodart® Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
Researchers involved with the REDUCE (REducion by DUtasteride of prostate Cancer Events) have reported that use of Avodart® (dutasteride)—a drug currently

Statins Cut Risk of Prostate Cancer By a Factor of Three - Marietta,GA,USA
Medical records were reviewed to determine whether a prostate biopsy was done or whether biopsy-confirmed prostate cancer developed

Study Highlights TargetScan Touch for Improved Prostate Cancer ..
PR Urgent - USA
Recent studies confirm the medical community's need for more confidence in diagnosing and determining appropriate treatment for prostate cancer.

Vitamin D hope in prostate cancer
BBC News - UK
By Emma Wilkinson Vitamin D is an effective treatment for prostate cancer in some patients, a UK study suggests. A once daily dose reduced PSA level -

Rehabilitation before, after prostate cancer surgery improves ...
BCM News - Houston,TX,USA
HOUSTON -- (May 1, 2009) -- Rehabilitation and treatment before and after surgery for prostate cancer can give men a better chance of maintaining erectile ...
Survivors are living proof cancer can be beaten
Meridian Star - Meridian,MS,USA
Hawkins, 47, of Meridian, is a prime example of how important it is to be checked for prostate cancer early and often. As it is with most cancers,

Glaxo Drug Avodart Found To Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer
dBTechno - Boston,MA,USA
Boston (dbTechno) - A new drug from GlaxoSmithKline has been found to have the ability to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men by over 20%. ...

Artificial Light: Spotlight on a Hidden Cancer Risk
Reader's Digest - Pleasantville,NY,USA
The most brightly lit had the highest rates of prostate cancer, more than double those in the dimmest nations. Meanwhile, Harvard researchers who tracked ...

Study: 'Male Lumpectomy' Measures Up
Renal and Urology News - New York,NY,USA
SAN DIEGO—Focal cryoablation of prostate cancer—the so-called male lumpectomy—is associated with oncologic outcomes comparable with those achieved using ...

GUEST OPINION: Cancer hits minorities in greater numbers, 05-02-09
Fall River Herald News - MA, USA
The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly one in six Hispanic-American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, ...

Vitamin E, Selenium and Soy Won't Prevent Prostate Cancer
Forbes - NY,USA
FRIDAY, May 1 (HealthDay News) -- Despite earlier promise, three nutrients - vitamin E, selenium and soy - do not seem to prevent prostate cancer in men

 What The Provenge Data Mean
Forbes - NY,USA
A leading researcher calls the prostate cancer drug an incremental advance for patients but a leap forward for science. CHICAGO -- Two years ago, ...

Large, long-term study shows dutasteride reduced prostate cancer ..
1888 Press Release (press release) - Alief,TX,USA
(1888pressrelease) May 03, 2009 - Headline data from the reduction by dutasteride of prostate Cancer Events (REDUCE) trial was presented at the American ...