Followup: Antiperspirants And Cancer
CBS News - New York,NY,USA
In his latest article, Dr. McGrath discusses hormonal similarities in breast cancer and prostate cancer. "Breast and prostate cancer share similarities and

Possible new therapy for prostate cancer discovered
Private MD - Brentwood,TN,USA
"Eventually, this therapy could give hope to some of the hardest-to-treat prostate cancer patients and also could be applied to other types of cancer.

Medicare may stop covering device used in prostate, ovarian cancer
Naples Daily News - Naples,FL,USA
NAPLES — Prostate cancer patients willing to try something relatively new a few years ago for faster treatment and reduced side effects came to swear by the

Preventing cancer: Reduce your risk - USA
Breast and prostate cancer are among the top diagnosed serial killer diseases in America. Cancer is also right behind heart disease on the list of top

Molecular Imaging of Tumor Blood Vessels in Prostate Cancer - Abstract
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
... for tumor vessels with the different imaging techniques are needed to overcome this issue as exemplarily discussed for prostate cancer in this review

Surgical Management of Prostate Cancer Metastatic to the Spine ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
In this study, a series of patients undergoing spinal surgery for metastatic prostate cancer were reviewed to identify predictors of survival and functional

Second Gene Linked To Familial Testicular Cancer
Science Daily (press release) - USA
He and his colleagues are now undertaking the research to find the frequency of PDE11A mutations in patients with prostate cancer. Horvath A, Korde

Pa. doc in VA probe says cancer field evolving
Washington Post - United States
He says the prostate cancer treatment, which involves implanting radioactive seeds, "was and still is an evolving field." According to a Nuclear Regulatory ...

Prostate cancer : Avoid selenium if you already have prostate cancer
Newspost Online - Baroda,India
An intake of selenium could worsen the conditions of people who are already suffering from prostate cancer, and have a variant of a gene called superoxide

Report: Prostate cancer screening has yet to prove its worth
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
Instead, public health principles demand that screening must reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer, reduce the suffering from prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Screening's Benefit, Costs Questioned in Report
Bloomberg - USA
By Elizabeth Lopatto June 29 (Bloomberg) -- Routine prostate cancer screening is unnecessary, expensive and leads to the overdiagnosis of cancer and medical

Prostate cancer screening may do harm
WFIE-TV - Evansville,IN,USA
AUSTIN, TX (NBC) - A new study suggests it may be better not to screen for prostate cancer in certain patients, because it could do more harm than good

Pa. doc at center of VA cancer probe admits errors
Houston Chronicle - United States
But Dr. Gary D. Kao called the mistakes commonplace in aiming seeds at the walnut-sized prostate, which sits near the bladder and rectum, and he steadfastly

Losing a Comforting Ritual: Treatment
New York Times - United States
As I was being treated for an aggressive prostate cancer this past year — surgery, hormone therapy, radiation — I experienced an unexpected side effect

CaPSURE registry reveals radical prostatectomy's superiority in ...
Modern Medicine - Woodcliff Lake,NJ,USA
Chicago—Data from a large registry of men with localized prostate cancer suggest better outcomes for radical prostatectomy compared to other therapies when

Free PSA/Total PSA Ratio Increases the Detection Rate of Prostate
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Twelve-core biopsy can achieve a higher detection rate of prostate cancer than 8-core biopsy using F/T PSA ratio. Yokomizo Y, Miyoshi Y, Nakaigawa N,

Bayer Healthcare can no longer claim selenium in its vitamins ... - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
By Ivan Penn, Times Staff Writer Wouldn't it be great if men could just pop a vitamin and reduce the likelihood they would get prostate cancer?

Study: Green Tea Has Role in Prostate Cancer Prevention
World Tea News - Las Vegas,Nevada,USA
by WTN Staff A clinical trial whose results were published this month concluded that prostate cancer has a potential role in the treatment or prevention of ...

Painkillers May Prevent Prostate Problems - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
“Talk to your health-care provider about prostate health and prostate cancer screening, and make sure your doctor knows what medications you are taking

Prostate test is a must for worrying doc
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA
"I have a history of prostate cancer in my family." It's why he urges men to take the free PSA tests and why he takes two prostate tests a year. ...

Selenium intake may worsen prostate cancer in some, study reports
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
BOSTON--Higher selenium levels in the blood may worsen prostate cancer in some men who already have the disease, according to a study by researchers at

Prostate Cancer: simple ways to lower the risk - USA
by Prostate cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in American men. The American Cancer Society predicts there will be 192280 men

Genetic variant linked to higher-risk for taking Selenium - IL, USA
June 25, 2009 (WLS) -- Selenium intake may worsen prostate cancer in some men, according to a new study by researchers at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

The Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction Among Brazilian Men ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To determine the prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) in a large cohort of Brazilian men who were screened for prostate cancer, and to determine risk

Team Finds New Cancer Gene Fusions Using Paired End Sequencing
GenomeWeb Daily News - NY,USA
Nevertheless, gene fusions have also turned up in other types of cancer as well, including non-small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer.

CAPRA score: accurate predictor of prostate cancer endpoints
HemOncToday - Thorofare,NJ,USA
The CAPRA scoring system, when used in a large cohort of patients with clinically localized prostate cancer, was found to be an accurate predictor of

NSAIDs may affect PSA levels and prostate cancer risk (press release) - Dallas,TX,USA
The association between PSA and aspirin use was significant in men with latent prostate cancer, marginal in those with high grade prostatic intraepithelial

Experimental Pill Fights Inherited Cancer
BRCA2 gene mutations also raise a man's risk of prostate cancer. Of 19 patients in the study with BRCA-inherited cancers, 15 had ovarian cancer, ...

New Cancer Drug Fights Tumors in Those With BRCA Mutations
Forbes - NY,USA
In addition, among people with the BRCA mutations the drug shrunk tumors in breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. "Olaparib has few of the adverse effects of

Gleason Score and Lethal Prostate Cancer: Does 3 + 4 = 4 + 3 ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Gleason grading is an important predictor of prostate cancer (PCa) outcomes. Studies using surrogate PCa end points suggest outcomes for Gleason score (GS)

Proton Radiation for Localized Prostate Cancer - Abstract
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Proton radiation is an emerging therapy for localized prostate cancer that is being sought with increasing frequency by patients. The physical properties of

Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in Men Screened for Prostate ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Our objective was to incorporate the SHIM into our prostate cancer screening program to estimate the prevalence of ED among men screened for prostate cancer

In the news: Green tea may help prevent prostate cancer - USA
A new study has found that drinking the beverage may reduce the presence of several compounds that aid in the progression of prostate cancer, according to a

Green Tea May Slow Prostate Tumor Growth - Marietta,GA,USA
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Antioxidant compounds in green tea may help slow the growth and progression of prostate cancer, a preliminary study suggests

New drugs could transform cancer treatment - USA
It focuses on one clinical trial in its earliest stage in 60 patients with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Some — but not all — of the patients whose

Green tea extract might slow prostate cancer
Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
A small study shows the beverage reduces the levels of some compounds linked to prostate cancer progression. Researchers from Louisiana State University ...

Healthbeat: Prostate cancer common in men, but easier to detect
Skokie Review - Skokie,IL,USA
The good news is that thanks to improved screening methods, prostate cancer is being diagnosed at an earlier stage and thus there has been a steady decline

Mayo Clinic Researchers Highlight Prostate Cancer Study with ... (press release) - Newtown,PA,USA
PRINCETON, NJ, June 25, 2009--The Mayo Clinic issued a press release today on a prostate cancer study with ipilimumab, a fully human antibody that binds to

Urology Group: Prostate Screening Should Be Offered Beginning at .
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA
Chicago—The controversy swirling around the appropriateness of screening for prostate cancer may have become even more controversial.

A woman's guide to understanding prostate cancer - USA
In the case of prostate cancer, the unresolved emotional shock is to do with procreation or is gender-related, and in some respects is to do with a

Green tea? Drink it up, boys.
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Green tea may become the drink of choice for guys -- especially those worried about prostate cancer. A new study shows that the drink may slow prostate

Beyond the Abstract - Prostate Cancer Gene 3 (PCA3): Development ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
BERKELEY, CA ( - In this paper, we investigated 809 prostate cancer patients subjected to >10 cores at initial or repeat prostate biopsy from

NSAIDs May Interfere with Prostate Cancer Diagnosis - Marietta,GA,USA
Previous studies have suggested that NSAIDs lower prostate inflammation and prostate cancer risk, Dr. Jay H. Fowke of Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Hearing Set to Explore Botched VA Prostate Cancer Treatments
Attorney at Law - USA
Congressional leaders plan to hold a hearing next week to further investigate reports of serious errors committed during prostate cancer treatments at a

Wonder Drug! Maybe?
Motley Fool - USA
The euphoria, which waned a little as Medarex (Nasdaq: MEDX) ended up just 12.5%, came from a Mayo Clinic report that two prostate cancer patients in

OncoGenex gets FDA nod for prostate cancer trial design
Reuters - USA
... health regulators, through the special protocol assessment process, to amend the design of a late-stage trial of its lead prostate cancer drug, OGX-011

Health Buzz: Dramatic Prostate Cancer Findings and Other Health News
U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
Medarex's experimental drug, ipilimumab, in combination with surgery and other therapies, has been shown to eliminate prostate cancer in two patients who

VA Facilities Blamed for Mishandled Prostate Cancer Treatments
Attorney at Law - USA
The hospital's prostate cancer treatment program was suspended last year during an investigation conducted by a federal commission into reports of ...

Green tea may prevent prostate cancer
Food Consumer - Lisle,IL,USA
Drinking green tea regularly may help prevent prostate cancer, according to a new study in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

Specter plans hearing on VA prostate cancer treatment
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Ricardo Flippin opted for a radiation therapy that would precisely target his prostate cancer and leave nearby organs unharmed. Instead, his prostate cancer

CSPI: Bayer Falsely Claimed One A Day Vitamins Prevent Prostate Cancer
BNET - San Francisco,Ca,USA
By Jim Edwards | June 20th, 2009 @ 1:20 pm Did you know that there are more new cases of prostate cancer each year than any other cancer? ...

One A Day Vitimins Don't Prevent Prostate Cancer
Health Jackal - Jacksonville,FL,USA
Bayer advertising claims that One A Day Menā€™s 50+ Advantage and Menā€™s One A Day Health Formula vitimins reduce the risk of prostate cancer but

Drug Is Found To Have Profound Results On Cancer With One Dose
ChattahBox - Boston,MA,USA
The use of the drug to treat prostate cancer was expected to see similar results, but the incredible findings showed that the two men given Ipilimumab not

At VA Hospital, a Rogue Cancer Unit
New York Times - United States
By WALT BOGDANICH For patients with prostate cancer, it is a common surgical procedure: a doctor implants dozens of radioactive seeds to attack the disease

Cancer patient learns herbals can interfere
North County Times - Escondido,CA,USA
By MARILYNN MARCHIONE - AP | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 12:05 AM PDT ∞ Prostate cancer patient Vince Palella talks to Dr. Susan Tan during an office visit at

Selenium Linked to Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness High selenium ..
Modern Medicine - Woodcliff Lake,NJ,USA
THURSDAY, June 18 (HealthDay News) -- High selenium levels are associated with more aggressive disease in men with prostate cancer, but only in men with a

New Therapy May Fight Prostate Cancer
More than a year and a half later, that patient shows no signs of prostate cancer, Kwon says. One other patient who also left the study to have surgery also ...

Is That Right? One A Day with Selenium and Prostate Cancer
Washington Post - United States
An ad for Bayer's One A Day Men's notes that there are more new cases of prostate cancer every year than of any other type of cancer.

Diet may minimize prostate cancer risk, review concludes
Personal Liberty Digest - Hueytown,Alabama,USA
To arrive at the conclusion, the researchers reviewed dietary recommendations in the prevention and management of the prostate cancer, and found that those

Dramatic Outcomes In Prostate Cancer Study
Science Daily (press release) - USA
ScienceDaily (June 19, 2009) — Two Mayo Clinic patients

Duration of Androgen Suppression in the Treatment of Prostate ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
We randomly assigned patients with locally advanced prostate cancer who had received external-beam radiotherapy plus 6 months of androgen suppression to two ...

Clash Over One-A-Day Vitamins' Cancer Claims
U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
Ads for the vitamins say a key ingredient, the antioxidant known as selenium, helps ward off prostate cancer in men. But in a recent government-funded study

Green Tea Component May Slow Prostate Cancer
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
FRIDAY, June 19 (HealthDay News) -- The active compounds in green tea might slow the progression of prostate cancer, the results of a small study suggest.

Undergoing prostate cancer surgery - New York,NY,USA
By Anthony Johnson NEW YORK (WABC) -- Prostate cancer is most common in older men, usually 65 years and up. Doctors say it's a slow growing cancer and most

New Prostate Cancer Biomarker Discovered
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
THURSDAY, June 18 (HealthDay News) -- A new marker for advanced prostate cancer and metastasis, or spread, of the disease has been identified by US ...

Q&A: Prostate cancer: the lions and the lambs
Houston Chronicle - United States
The news was confusing to many middle-aged men, including those in prostate cancer treatment, who've long been urged to annually get the test to reduce the ...

Group threatens suit over vitamins' anti-cancer claims
One A Day Men's 50+ Advantage ads say selenium may cut men's risk of prostate cancer, a consumer group says. The Center for Science in the Public Interest

EDAP Highlights HIFU Focal Therapy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer
GlobeNewsWire (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Ablatherm-HIFU treatment outcomes from a feasibility study in localized prostate cancer patients indicated that HIFU was safe and well-tolerated, ...

Antisense Therapeutics Drug ATL1101 Enhances Effect of Existing ...
MarketWatch - USA
Illustrating the positive effects of the drug in this mouse model of prostate cancer, prostate tumor volume was halved after 5 weeks of Paclitaxel/ATL1101

Study: Prostate tests may be overrated
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
Washington —- The blood test that screens millions of men for prostate cancer leads to so much unnecessary anxiety, surgery and complications that doctors

Group disputes cancer claims on One A Day vitamins
The Associated Press
The group says the National Institutes of Health found no evidence the ingredient selenium prevents prostate cancer in men. "The largest prostate cancer

PSA screening does not reduce mortality from prostate cancer
Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants - New York,NY,USA
Bottom line The initial results of the Prostate Lung Cancer Ovary (PLCO) screening trial found no benefit as measured by prostate cancer-specific mortality

ETS Gene Fusions in Prostate Cancer: From Discovery to Daily ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The pubmed database was searched for reports on ETS fusions in prostate cancer. Since the discovery of ETS fusions, novel 5' and 3' fusion partners and

MicroRNAs and Their Potential for Translation in Prostate Cancer ..
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Patients die of prostate cancer (CaP) because predictably after a period of response to androgen withdrawal, their CaP becomes castrate resistant.

Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Targeting Androgen Metabolic ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
... residual androgens, likely of adrenal-though potentially of prostatic-origin, play a critical role in the progression of prostate cancer to recurrent

Cancer had negative impact on quality of life for older Americans
HemOncToday - Thorofare,NJ,USA
The experimental cohort included patients with prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma, ...

Abirateron Benefits Patients with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer - Marietta,GA,USA
... that abiraterone is a "potential game-changer" in the treatment of prostate cancer. Abiraterone was developed at the Institute of Cancer Research

Green Tea May Slow Prostate Cancer Progression
Natural Products Marketplace - Phoenix,Arizona,USA
The study included 26 men, aged 41 to 72 years, diagnosed with prostate cancer and scheduled for radical prostatectomy. Patients consumed four capsules

Molecular Insight shares jump on promising imaging agent data
Forbes - NY,USA
Trofex, which is in an early-stage trial, has the potential to treat metastatic prostate cancer when labeled with a therapeutic isotope, the company said

SOURCE: Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Market Wire (press release) - USA
In 2008, Molecular Insight initiated clinical studies of Trofex in patients with documented prostate cancer and confirmed hormone refractory metastatic

Diet can have affect on prostate cancer - IL, USA
June 16, 2009 (WLS) -- A man's diet could make a difference when it comes to prostate cancer. A study in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Editorial - Survival in Prostate Cancer Patients >/=70 Years After ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The 10-year prostate cancer specific survival was 92.3% and 97.6% for the young and old men, respectively. Median overall survival was 14 and 12.4 years and

Phase II Study of Sunitinib in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer .
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
This study explored the efficacy and tolerability of sunitinib, an inhibitor of tyrosine kinase receptors, in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer

Longer Duration of Androgen Suppression Benefits Patients with ...
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
[1] Men with localized prostate cancer can often be cured with radiation therapy alone. Men with certain risk factors—such as a high Gleason score

A Wife's View of Prostate Cancer
New York Times - United States
By Tara Parker-Pope Since November, New York Times writer Dana Jennings has been sharing stories about coping with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Patient Receives First RapidArc Radiotherapy ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Herlev Hospital, to the north-west of Copenhagen , delivered the fast and efficient RapidArc treatment to a prostate cancer patient using a Clinac(R) iX

Scientists: Substance from flower fights prostate cancer
Monsters and - USA
Goettingen, Germany - A substance from the root of a flower growing in many gardens may cure prostate cancer, Germany's cancer-science council said ...

Statin drugs good for more than just your heart
The Register-Guard - Eugene,OR,USA
New research suggests that this top-selling class of drugs may battle a veritable rogue's gallery of health villains, from prostate cancer and heart-valve

Cancer-targeting device is 'GPS for the body'
Anderson Herald Bulletin - Anderson,IN,USA
The device is called Calypso 4D Localization System, and for now it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat prostate cancer only.

Prostate Cancer: Detection of Lymph Node Metastases Outside the
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To prospectively evaluate the feasibility of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with ferumoxtran-10 in patients with prostate cancer to depict lymph node

The Prostatic Environment Suppresses Growth of Androgen ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Interactions between prostate cancer cells and their surrounding stroma play an important role in the growth and maintenance of prostate tumors

Slow Zoledronic Acid Releasing Testis Prostheses in the Treatment ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Besides, patients with advanced prostate cancer are at risk of skeletal complications and bisphosphonates are used in treatment. Zoledronic acid is the only

What is one way to help decrease the rate of deaths from prostate ...
Asheville Citizen-Times - NC,USA
This is an especially crucial test for African-American men, who are 60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men and two

Denosumab Provides Bone Benefits in Prostate and Breast Cancer
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
Hormonal therapy plays an important role in the treatment of many patients with breast or prostate cancer. In men with prostate cancer, androgen deprivation

Estrogen may reprogram prostate cancer gene in black men
Science News - USA
By Laura Sanders WASHINGTON — A new study shows how chemical tags on DNA may lead to higher rates of prostate cancer in black men.

Healthy Difference on 'Today's THV at 5': Prostate Cancer Treatment
Today's THV - Little Rock,AR,USA
A new ultrasound treatment for prostate cancer is showing promise of stopping the disease without causing impotence or incontinence.

New approach for treating recurrent prostate cancer on the horizon - Evergreen,VA,USA
The results could eventually result in a significant breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment, especially for patients whose cancer recurs after the ...

Artificial Neural Network to Predict Skeletal Metastasis in ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The aim of this study was to assess whether an ANN model is a useful tool for predicting skeletal metastasis in patients with prostate cancer

Review of Major Adverse Effects of Androgen-Deprivation Therapy in ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) is a common treatment for men with prostate cancer. Although ADT is effective at suppressing prostate-specific antigen

Decision tool for prostate cancer patients helps men customize ...
Genetic Engineering News (press release) - New Rochelle,NY,USA
An online decision tool created in part by a graduate student at the University of California Irvine helps men diagnosed with prostate cancer sort through

Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention: Global Perspective – Source ...
ProHealth - Santa Barbara,CA,USA
Such intakes also are expected to reduce case-fatality rates of patients who have breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer by half. ...

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy for Patients with Locally Advanced ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The aim of this study was to compare the outcomes of robotic prostatectomy (RP) in patients with clinically localized or locally advanced prostate cancer

Patients' Survival Expectations Before Localized Prostate Cancer ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Cancer-specific mortality is projected to be only 1% in 15 years in approximately 75% of patients with screen-detected localized prostate cancer (LPC).

New Center of Excellence targets reducing disparities in cancer ...
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
In Florida, African American men are 71 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer and nearly three times more likely to die from the disease than white

Lycopene reduces risk of prostate cancer - USA
Diets high in lycopene are linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene, an antioxidant compound, is found in red, yellow, and orange fruits and

New blood test greatly reduces false-positives in prostate cancer ...
Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
A new blood test used in combination with a conventional prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening sharply increases the accuracy of prostate cancer

Study looks at prostate cancer treatments - New York,NY,USA
By Dr. Jay Adlersberg NEW YORK (WABC) -- Prostate cancer is a scary diagnosis for men in their 50s and older. But what may be even more scary is that

Prostate Cancer: Who Needs Chemical Castration?
Most men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer in the US have an earlier stage of prostate cancer than the men in the Bolla study

Men's Health Week - June 15 through June 21
Gant Daily - Clearfield,PA,USA
HERSHEY - Enter the term “Men's Health” into a search engine and the top result is likely to be about erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer.

Low meat diet may reduce risk of prostate cancer
Food Consumer - Lisle,IL,USA
It may also help treat patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. The study was conducted by Robert W.-L. Ma and K. Chapman of The University of New South ...

Test for Cancer With a Take-Home Kit
Singularity Hub - Palo Alto,CA,USA
New advances in nanotechnology could change that, bringing an over-the-counter prostate cancer test kit to your pharmacy in the next few years

Science Briefing
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
112 / Longer use appears better for prostate cancer drug / Progesterone doesn't show promise with twin pregnancies / Studies raise alarm about bisphenol A

Longer Androgen Suppression More Effective in Locally Advanced ... - Marietta,GA,USA
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In men with locally advanced prostate cancer, the combination of radiotherapy plus 3 years of androgen suppression yields better

Denosumab Decreases Fractures in Men Receiving Androgen ...
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
Another abstract presented at ASCO 2009 reported that men with localized prostate cancer receiving ADT had an improvement in BMD with denosumab treatment ...

Hormone-suppression therapy benefits prostate cancer treatment
WWAY NewsChannel 3 - Wilmington,NC,USA
Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer are in the early stages when treatment may not even be necessary. But, for patients whose cancer has begun to spread

US Cancer Care Not Valid Reason to Deny Public Option
Daily Kos - Berkeley,CA,USA
In 2007, Rudy Guiliani tried to use his story of prostate cancer survival to spur opposition to a government-sponsored healthcare plan. ...

Improved Bone Mineral Density in Prostate Cancer Patients with ...
Cancer Consultants - Ketchum,ID,USA
The current report summarized two studies, one in breast cancer and one in prostate cancer. These are results of the prostate cancer trial: The prostate ...

Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects Explored Differences in ...
Modern Medicine - Woodcliff Lake,NJ,USA
John L. Gore, MD, of the University of California in Los Angeles, and colleagues conducted a study of 475 patients with localized prostate cancer who were

Risk Stratification of High-grade Prostate Cancer Treated with ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The aim of this study was to assess the surgical outcome of high-grade prostate cancer (PCA) treated with antegrade radical prostatectomy with intended wide ...

Longer Hormone Treatment May Improve Prostate Cancer Outlook
Forbes - NY,USA
WEDNESDAY, June 10 (HealthDay News) -- Men with moderately advanced prostate cancer who get hormone-blocking drugs after radiation therapy do better when

Androgen Deprivation Linked to Diabetes in Prostate Cancer Related ...
Modern Medicine - Woodcliff Lake,NJ,USA
In a related study in the same issue, pretreatment prostate specific antigen (PSA) dynamics do not add predictive value for prostate cancer outcomes

Circumstances of Prescription of Hormone Therapy for Patients with .
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Although screening has improved the diagnosis of prostate cancer, hormone therapy still plays an important role in its treatment

Survival Following Radiation and Androgen Suppression Therapy for .
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The US Preventive Services Task Force has recommended against screening men over 75 for prostate cancer. We examined whether older healthy men could benefit

Androgen Deprivation in Prostate Cancer — Step by Step
New England Journal of Medicine (subscription) - MA,USA
... that androgen deprivation reduced testosterone levels and produced dramatic positive therapeutic responses in patients with advanced prostate cancer. ...

Chemical Castration Needed to Fight Prostate Cancer, Study Says
Bloomberg - USA
By Michelle Fay Cortez June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Prostate cancer patients need three years of treatment known as chemical castration to suppress the production

Cancer Diagnosis May Tax Physical, Mental Health
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
The study appears in the June 9 online edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. In a second study of prostate cancer survivors published in

Risk Score Predicts Several Prostate Cancer Outcomes - Marietta,GA,USA
Most tools that assess prostate cancer risk are designed only to predict biochemical recurrence, Dr. Matthew R. Cooperberg, from the University of

Hormone Therapy May Confer More Aggressive Properties To Prostate ...
Science Daily (press release) - USA
ScienceDaily (June 10, 2009) — Hormone therapy is often given to patients with advanced prostate cancer. While it is true that the treatment prevents growth

Prognostic Grouping of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Using ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
... prostate-specific antigen (PSA), plasma testosterone and estradiol level in hormonally treated patients with metastatic prostate cancer (PCa).

Report says 650000 cancer deaths avoided between 1990 and 2005 - Sydney,Australia
Among men in 2009, cancers of the prostate, lung, and colon will account for half of all newly diagnosed cancers. Prostate cancer alone will account for

Study Details Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients Four ...
Newswise (press release) - USA
The four-year study, which followed 475 men treated for early stage prostate cancer, also resulted in the development of “probability plots,” gauges which

Quality of Life Might Help Decide Between Prostate Cancer Therapies
MedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USA
By Todd Neale, Staff Writer, MedPage Today LITTLE FALLS, NJ, June 9 -- Although the major treatments for early-stage prostate cancer yield similar survival

Dose Measurement During Prostate Cancer Treatment
Science Daily (press release) - USA
In vivo dosimetry in the urethra using alanine/ESR during 192Ir HDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer - a phantom study. Physics in Medicine and Biology, ...

Oncologic and Functional Outcomes after Radical Prostatectomy in ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
According to current literature, the gold standard treatment for T3 prostate cancer is the combination of radiotherapy and extended hormonotherapy

Transcriptionally Regulated, Prostate-Targeted Gene Therapy for ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American males today. Novel and effective treatment

Effective Over-the-Counter Prostate Cancer Test Kit Likely in Next
University of Central Florida - Orlando,FL,USA
By Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala June 8, 2009 An over-the-counter prostate cancer test kit could be coming to a pharmacy near you, thanks to the collaborative ...

Gene activity reveals dynamic stroma microenvironment in prostate ...
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
"Often in prostate cancer, you don't see much change in the stromal cells," said Ittmann. "However, in this subgroup of patients (in which the stroma become ...

Diet, Soy & Breast Cancer R ...
Men's News Daily - Guerneville,CA,USA
Breast cancer in women is, in several important ways, analogous to prostate cancer in men. Like prostate cancer, most breast cancer cells are fuelled by the

Ultrasound Gives Cancer Victims Hope
Sky News - UK
The power of sound is being used to obliterate prostate cancer - without causing the serious side effects that dog other treatments.

60 pct of cancer patients try nontraditional med
The Associated Press
Another supplement that can pose a risk for prostate cancer patients is DHEA, which can affect testosterone levels, said Phyllis Matthews, a urology nurse

Intermittent Docetaxel Therapy with Estramustine for Hormone ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
We evaluated the efficacy and toxicity of intermittent docetaxel (DCT) with estramustine (EM) for hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC). ...

The Role of Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer: An Overview of ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Ongoing clinical trials provide promise for the introduction of immunotherapy into the armamentarium against prostate cancer, but the precise role for

Cellular Responses to Cancer Chemopreventive Agent D,L ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
... for the first time, that mitochondria-derived ROS serve to initiate diverse cellular responses to SFN exposure in human prostate cancer cells.

Hypofractionated Intensity-Modulated Arc Therapy for Lymph Node
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
A total of 31 patients with Stage T1-T4N1M0 prostate cancer were treated with intensity-modulated arc radiotherapy and 3 years of androgen deprivation as

Beyond the Abstract - Optimizing Molecular Signatures for ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
BERKELEY, CA ( - The mortality rate for prostate cancer is declining due to improvements in earlier detection and in local therapy strategies, ...

How to Stop Prostate Cancer: New Study Reveals the Power of ...
Alternative Health Journal - Santa Monica,California,USA
By Rob Huntley, AHJ Editor -- Published: June 08, 2009 Prostate health is on the minds of many men these days, especially considering prostate cancer is the

There might be a better way to screen for prostate cancer
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
By Thomas H. Maugh II Hope for a better prostate cancer test, potential new uses for a largely discredited lung cancer drug and a warning for breast cancer ...

This little piggie went to the science lab
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
... hens to see if the protein can be used in an early detection test analogous to the prostate-specific antigen test that can flag prostate cancer in men. ...

Finasteride Recommended to Prevent Prostate Cancer (press release) - Dallas,TX,USA
BY LENA HUANG Men may benefit from taking Proscar (finasteride), a drug that can reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer, according to new guidelines ...

Doctors: Early detection is best bet to battle cancer
Lake City Reporter - Lake City,FL,USA
He said breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer all have very good screening tests, that if used, people will be able to detect cancer early at a ...

Too much may cause cancer; additional research suggested
Chicago Tribune - United States
Also, the men who had taken folic acid supplements were nearly three times as likely to develop prostate cancer up to a decade later, researchers reported ...

Diet to Prevent, Manage Prostate Cancer
Natural Products Marketplace - Phoenix,Arizona,USA
SYDNEY—A diet high in vegetables and fruits, and low in fat, excessive meat and excessive dairy may help prevent and manage prostate cancer, according to an

Cancer-Related Pain and Quality of Life in Prostate Cancer ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The objective of this study was to assess disease-associated pain and quality of life (QOL) in patients with prostate cancer (PC).

Overview of Pivotal Studies for Prostate Cancer Risk Reduction ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate cancer (PCa), with its potentially long latency, generally late-age onset, and high prevalence, is an ideal target for risk reduction and disease ...

Associations Between {Alpha}-Tocopherol, {Beta}-Carotene, and ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Previous studies suggest that carotenoids and tocopherols (vitamin E compounds) may be inversely associated with prostate cancer risk, yet little is known ...

Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk Focusing On Greens - Hickory,NC,USA
A new analysis of data suggests that men can reduce risk of prostate cancer by focusing on fruit and vegetables consumption, reducing red meat intake,

ASCO 2009 - Impact of Asian American Race on Prostate Cancer
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
ORLANDO, FL, USA ( - The authors examined the prostate cancer outcomes for Asian-American males compared to that of other races.

Diet May Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer
Science Daily (press release) - USA
Results suggest that a diet low in fat and red meat and high in fruits and vegetables is beneficial in preventing and treating prostate cancer. ...

Effective over-the-counter prostate cancer test kit likely in next ...
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
An over-the-counter prostate cancer test kit could be coming to a pharmacy near you, thanks to the collaborative work of a University of Central Florida ...

Studies Show Selenium Prevents Cancer and Thyroid Disease
Natural - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Previous studies showed selenium effective against prostate cancer in volunteers with a history of skin cancer. A double blind, randomized, ...

Papaya is Tasty Way to Fight Cancer and Poor Digestion
Natural - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Epidemiological studies have indicated an inverse relationship between lycopene intake and prostate cancer risk. They showed that oral lycopene is highly ...

Cancer Treatment for Any Size -- Research Summary
Ivanhoe - Winter Park,FL,USA
Proton therapy has benefits over conventional therapy in the treatment of many common cancers, such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, cancers of the eye and ...

Serum Calcium and the Risk of Prostate Cancer - Abstract
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Recent studies have suggested an association between high dietary intake of calcium and the risk of prostate cancer. Calcium-rich diet has been suggested to ...

Hebert: Fighting cancer disparities helps everybody
The State - Columbia,SC,USA
The prostate cancer incidence rate among African-Americans is the highest in the nation (and about 80 percent higher than that of whites), and mortality is ...

Featured Clinical Trial: Imaging the Extent of Prostate Cancer
National Cancer Institute - NCI Cancer Bulletin - Bethesda,MD,USA
Phase I/II Pilot Study of Carbon-11 Acetate Positron Emission Tomography and 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Localized Prostate Cancer ...

Gene Test May Predict Prostate Cancer
A blood test that characterizes each prostate tumor by its unique genetic fingerprint may help pinpoint which men actually have prostate cancer, ...

Testosterone and Prostate Cancer: Revisiting Old Paradigms - Abstract
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
To review the literature addressing the possible relationship between testosterone and prostate cancer (PCa) and to summarize the main aspects of this issue ...

Newborns Need More Care After Assisted Conception
Wall Street Journal - USA
Prostate Cancer: Men under 55 were more likely than older men to survive prostate cancer, possibly because they have higher tolerance for aggressive therapy ...

New Approach for Fighting Cancer (press release) - Dallas,TX,USA
Experimental vaccines for the treatment of prostate cancer, melanoma, neuroblastoma, and a form of lymphoma were reported to have positive results when ...

ASCO: Gene Test Predicts Prostate Cancer
MedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USA
Explain to interested patients that prostate cancer screening is commonly done using one of a variety of tests for prostate specific antigen (PSA). ...

Prostate Cancer Is A Problem With Many Solutions
There are so many choices when it comes to screening, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer that it leaves many men confused about what all of their ...

When will fast prostate test be available?
Irish Times - Dublin,Ireland
Q There was a lot of news recently about a new rapid test for prostate cancer. Why is it not available in this country? Can you explain what this test is ...

Folic acid even more baby-protective than thought
The Associated Press
Older people are more likely to be brewing colon or prostate cancer. Fortified foods alone wouldn't be enough to harm, stresses Fleischman: "I don't think ...

ASCO 2009 - Impact of Race on Survival of Prostate Cancer Patients ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
This study looks at the outcomes of men, stratified by race, with clinically localized prostate cancer that were treated with non-curative intent. ...

Cancer Vaccine Comeback: Data Boost Antigenics and Others
BioWorld Online - Atlanta,GA,USA
By Trista Morrison Cancer vaccines are back in fashion, thanks to Dendreon Corp.'s recent Phase III success with Provenge (sipuleucel-T) in prostate cancer, ...

ASCO 2009 - Cancer-Related Self-Efficacy in African American ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
ORLANDO, FL, USA ( - African American men are twice as likely as Caucasian men to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and experience worse ...
Artificial lighting may be linked to increased cancer rates - USA
One study analyzed measurements of nighttime light and cancer rates in 164 nations. The most brightly lit had the highest rates of prostate cancer. ...

From Prostate Imaging to Prostate Cancer Imaging
Oncology Nursing News - New York,n,USA
However, by modifying a chemotherapy drug with a radioactive component, scientists should be able to image prostate cancer specifically while simultaneously ...

GTx's (GTXI) Toremifene 80 Mg Increased Bone Mineral Density In (subscription) - Birmingham,MI,USA
... increased bone mineral density (BMD) in multiple clinically relevant subpopulations of men with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). ...

ACSM 2009: Exercise May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk in Black Men
Medscape - USA
June 1, 2009 (Seattle, Washington) — Moderate to vigorous physical activity during young adulthood may help offset the increased risk for prostate cancer in ...

ASCO 2009 - Outcomes of Conservatively Managed Localized Prostate ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
The authors sought to provide updated natural history data on men diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated conservatively during the PSA era. ...

Generex Presents Positive Results of Phase 1 Prostate Cancer ...
GlobeNewsWire (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA
... Corporation (Nasdaq:GNBT) ( announced today that the results of a recently completed Phase I trial in prostate cancer patients of the ...

Beyond the Abstract - How African American Men Decide Whether or ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Our manuscript that was published in Cancer Nursing, revealed an important topic in how African American men decided whether or not to get a prostate cancer ...
Antibiotic and Anti-Inflammatory Use and the Risk of Prostate ...
UroToday - Berkeley,CA,USA
Prostate inflammation or infection may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used to ...